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Meet Renata


Renata Janes… is joy-filled and the kindest heart you’ll ever meet. She shares a love of Starbucks and Chipotle with Tara. In fact, she once managed a Starbucks in Annapolis. Renata was born in Brazil and she is the effortlessly-fashionable one (if you ask Tara!) She has a love for 80’s dance music and can do “The Carlton” flawlessly (if you don’t know what that is, ask her! You’re in for a treat…) Her favorite TV show is Friends and she can more than likely find a quote to fit any situation. She is wife to high school sweetheart (and most wonderful man in the world) Tom, and mom to Hayden, Jack, Ellie & Cameron. Renata is a home-school mom, a photographer & business owner, and genuinely loves doing it all. She is a Christ-follower, a lover of the church, and the incredible woman she is because of the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

View more of Renata’s work on her old blog :: www.andrea-renata.com