Mara & Jack | Annapolis Engagement


Apr 9, 2019

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I promise we didn’t hire these two as models, but rather they are actual clients of ours! ha! Honestly though, it’s not just their incredible style and look, but this gorgeous pair remind us, once again, why we love what we do. Renata and I had so much fun with Mara and Jack and we all agreed we were sad when the night was over. Sometimes, months go by between our first meeting and the engagement session, and in no time at all during this session, it felt like we were with old friends. We are loving that spring is actually upon us, and we were so thankful for the most gorgeous night in Annapolis.  We started in downtown Annapolis and ended in the neighborhood where Mara grew up– and it bears repeating– we just think Annapolis is the best. 

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